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Your fresh milk

of choice!

100% EU origin
Our EU local farmers and valued partners make sure that our cows stay healthy and well fed. Furthermore, the quality of our milk is underpinned by strict EU safety regulations.
Strictly controlled raw materials
We only use raw materials that have been checked thoroughly and have passed repeated inspections, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of our milk.
NEW range of flavors
When Me n’ Mil met chocolate and strawberry, a luscious blend full of taste was created! If natural flavor is too plain for you, why not try something… extra and enjoy a healthy living!

About Dreavia


At Dreavia Nutrition we are working around the clock to provide the whole family with all the required nutritional elements for a Healthy development and a Strong immune system. We combine the best Science and Nature have to offer in order to create the optimum blend for each of our innovative solutions. We are dedicated to Health & Nutrition through Innovation and high Quality.

About Dreavia


Dreavia is a Multinational Specialty Healthcare Organisation. Our vision is to Empower Human Potential!
Dreavia’s history begins in 1986. Our key operations include the Research, Development, Production, Branding and International Distribution of Specialised and Daily Nutritional Products and Solutions, Specialised and Daily Baby and Personal products and solutions for all age and patient groups. Furthermore, the Exclusive Distribution of Healthcare and Medical Device Brands, products and solutions for all age and patient groups in various international markets. Last but not least, the Provision of High-Quality Healthcare Services, in particular Hemodialysis Services in various markets.
All the elements of the Dreavia business, have the same mission, to empower healthcare professionals and assist patients and consumers, live better, fuller, healthier, and more rewarding lives. Dreavia strives to: Empower Human Potential.